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Stil nu… maak nu geen geruis.. omdat het midwinter is, even nog geen agenda… vanaf 24 januari de nieuwe agenda!

20 March, 2021 - 19:00

Online International BusinessOnTheMoon Circle

A “workshop like” circle for everybody who wants to connect all over the world, online, with the #moon, #eachother and the 8 goddesses of the #BusinessOnTheMoon #Wheel


In this playful online circle, we weave together working with our bodies, myth, Goddess, Moon and cycle…all eight (!!) phases.


It is a circle for everybody who wants to stay true to the natural feminine rhythm of Mother Nature and embody Her #sovereignty while facing demanding deadlines, clients, kids/pets/lovers/family and friends!

It’s a circle of connection to support each other to be true to our personal timing in sometimes hectic goal-oriented and patriarchal society.

We will work with Moon-of-that-moment- related topics that touches us, and of course we will dive-deep into the BusinessOnTheMoon Model! To keep it intimate there will be (sacred) space for maximum 18 people.

This is a 13-month journey where we will meet 9 times trough Zoom. 

Every time we come together there will be a theme, some practices, meditation or movement. There is time to share and support each other in a respectful and supportive way.