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Red moon Cycle

Simply put, menstruating with the Full Moon and ovulating with the Dark Moon, also called the Lilith cycle. Where the White Moon cycle (menstruation with the Dark Moon and ovulation with the full moon) represents the ‘Eve energy’. 

So when you body is turning inwards the world around you is turning outwards…This paradoxical experience of a red moon cycle puts you in deep contact with “what is otherwise hidden”. Especially if you are aware of this moment and allow what may arise to come into your conciousness. Sometimes it is perceived as “the headlights of a car catching a deer, about to cross the road” in the dark forest or a proverbial finger on the sore spot. 

What takes place in your darkest hidden, sometimes secret inner-space , suddenly becomes visible or tangible. And emerges as the powerful ‘Lillith energy’. The ‘natural’ synchronous course of the White Moon rhythm feels like a fairly friendly, chronological, phase alternation of a building energy that is increasingly directed outwards to a climax with Full Moon and then gradually withdraws back towards the Dark Moon.

The paradoxical course of the Red cycle (menstruating with Full Moon and ovulating with Dark Moon) feels like an intense process of transformation. Similar to the transformation of the young woman who became a mother, or the loss of a loved one, or the transformation process from the mother phase to the Queen phase (from 40 to 49 years). After these experiences you are still yourself and yet… sooo different! 

The insights given to you by the Lillith energy seem contain a strong transformative power and opportunity. We often shift our monthly bleeding slightly relative to the Moon. Sometimes our body seems to want to take a sprint! Or just take a break.. This changes the ratio of our blood cycle to that of the Moon. It brings an extra awake-fulness when you realize that you have entered a red cycle. Aha !!! There it is again “indoor work” to do ”, or“ oh dear, It was so nice to go outside…, or “.. something is bound to come that makes me pause or consciously the center of my storm must stand ”.

The period in which you are in a Red Moon cycle is often shorter than that in the White Moon cycle (and some live a red-moon cycled life…) So if there are existential questions that you really can’t no longer ignore. Be happy and welcome the beautiful and powerful Lilith energy!

If you work with the BusinessOnTheMoon Model you can go deeper into this and especially discover how you can harvest, support and care for the different qualities.